Burial At Sea Intro – Storyboard Animatic

During my time at Irrational Games, I would get a chance to develop the in-game cutscenes by creating storyboards and editing them with sound effects.  These were used to design the basic layout, timing and pacing of a scene.  These were the last 2 passes of several iterations.  I had many other scenes like these that lay on the cutting floor or have yet to be released.

In this version, I pushed her a little too far into the sexy realm but it was a good exploration in how to go about revealing her face.

Here, she’s not as sexy and more powerful.  Notice how Booker gets up to meet her instead of Liz going to him.  This was the version that was approved.  The dialogue was placeholder.

Very Early Game Dev

So I wrote a “point and click” adventure game.  My brother Jeff and my buddy Paul, helped me develop it with the intent of the 3 of us creating it someday.  I might actually be able to produce it now, but the scope is pretty big (would need a little help – ping me if you’re interested).  Here are a couple layout sketches, some early character designs and an image that represents the look I’m going for in-game.



Project Copernicus

It’s been a very LONG time since I’ve posted anything.  Truth be told, I’ve been keeping my head down and focusing all my effort on learning a new discipline of animation production.  So while there is no animation in this video, it gives you a glimpse into the world I’ve been working in for almost a year now.  I’m incredibly proud of the team I work with.

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