“Monster Season”

My brother joined a “design a game in 48 hours” contest a couple of years ago he called “Monster Season”.  He didn’t tell me about it until 24hrs in, the bastard.  🙂  I immediately helped out where I could with game design ideas to help push the idea further, but not break his initial design.  I also roughly designed some of the artwork for the title screen, background panel and weapon icons.  I got about halfway through updating the character designs before the submission was due, so they never made it into the game – a reminder for him to tell me from the beginning next time.  😛  We were going to update it, but never got around to it.  It’s a fun, little match-3 shooter game.  Perhaps polishing it up isn’t a bad idea.

If you want to play the game you can download it here:


Title Screen:


Unreleased Monster Designs:


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