Team “NESquest”

Just before PAX East earlier in the year, I found a booth called Extra Life.  


Extra Life is a worldwide gaming marathon designed to raise money for a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of our choosing.   I was intrigued to find out that it was a gaming marathon for charity.  Given the fact that I have just over 1000 retro games in my “man cave”, I always wanted to host a similar charity event, but I never knew how to pull off the logistics involved with money transfer, etc.  Extra Life made it very easy and I jumped on it.  The hospital I’ve chosen our team to support within the network is Boston Children’s Hospital. 

I assembled a team of “players” for the event on November 2nd and we are poised to play for 25 hours straight to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital.  So please help “Team NESquest” raise money for a good cause.  Donating, is safe and easy.  ANY amount is deeply appreciated.  To donate follow this link:

I plan on broadcasting the event on TwitchTV and every donation will be honored with a game request as long as I own the game.  Somebody yesterday asked me “to play Duck Hunt left-handed”.  So not does a donation go to a good cause, it’s also a good way to watch us make fools of ourselves.  Thanks everyone!! 


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