The Blue Sky Family

I went back to NY last week for the crew premiere of Ice Age: Continental Drift which opened this past Friday.  One of my best-buds Mike Thurmeier (who happens to be one of the directors) got my wife and I a couple tickets.

It was particularly awesome to see Mike’s daughter Meghan’s debut as a voice-actor in the film.  She played the role of “Baby Bird” asking the mammoth “Ellie” if drinking water from her trunk tastes like boogers.  Meghan also attended the premiere and signed her autograph for many of her adoring fans.

This was the last film I worked on as a member of the Blue Sky family before moving back to MA and switching my animation discipline from film to games.  I use the word “family” to describe the crew at Blue Sky because they are not only top-notch in talent, they are top-notch in character as well.  Upon arrival at the wrap party, I was quite literally stopped every 10 feet by friends who greeted me with big smiles,hugs and asking if I was okay after the closure of 38 Studios.  It was incredibly touching to know that although I was gone, I was never forgotten.  Anyone who is, or ever has been a part of the Blue Sky crew should consider themselves unfairly blessed.

Ice Age: Continental Drift has an estimated $46 million opening-weekend domestically and has grossed $339 million overseas so far.

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