The End Of An Era. My final day at Blue Sky Studios.

Eight years later, my time at Blue Sky Studios comes to an end.  Friday was my last day at Blue Sky Studios and it was incredibly bittersweet.  It all started with an amazing comic strip by Bobby Pontillas. He perfectly captured how I was feeling.

The team also bombarded the dry-erase board with caricatures of yours-truly.

Here are some of my favorites of the bunch:

When we got back from a goodbye lunch, there was a department meeting in the acorn theater.  They made me sit in a chair in the front of the room while I watched a couple videos:

Josh Spencer put together an anthology of all my shortest shots (and cut some down as well).:

My fellow Treehouser’s  tore me a new one too:

It was a fantastic send-off.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Thanks to all my friends who made my last day a memorable one!!  I will miss you all!!




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