THIS is why I love the internet.

When I was a young kid I used to listen to these Star Wars “read-along” books.  They were picture books bundled with a 45 LP.   The narrators were melodramatic and they tried thier hardest to sound like the characters from the movie.  As a kid, I totally bought it.  As an adult, it’s laughable.  I remember finding the LP in one of my art books not too long ago and wondered how it would hold up against time.  I did a search the other day on YouTube, not expecting much.  To my suprise, not only is the audio up there, but a montage of the book as well.  I haven’t heard these in probably 26 + years.

One thought on “THIS is why I love the internet.

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  1. Dude! I totally remember this… I remember our class would go down to the library ever so often..and I used to run to be able to be the first to use the blue record player..I also remember they would have book fairs in my school and you could buy them there or through that catalog.. I think it was called troll..I also remember buying small thick Disney books that had animation on the corners as you flipped through them…Good times.

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