New Year, New Studio, New Treehouse.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!  Blue Sky Studios has officially relocated to Greenwich, CT and the new studio is really quite amazing.  With the move came the opportunity for us to rebuild the treehouse to the way it was before the flood of 08.  Scott “Pimpcane” Carroll did a good job documenting our progress that day:

The Tree House Lives!

Now that we’ve moved to Greenwich, CT, we had the opportunity to resurrect the tree house, (we were forced to tear it down after a flood 6 months ago in our old building).  We started at 6 am Dec 23rd and finished around 8pm the same day.  We still have to set up our work areas and finish decorating, I’ll post those pics when we’re done.  But for now, here are a few of our construction on the 23rd.

6 A.M. Pre-construction

Treehouse 6 am

9 A.M. Nick’s better side

Nick's Better Side

11 A.M.  One side completed

11 AM One side completed

2 P.M. Who gave Pete the saw?

Pete cutting one of the panels

4 P.M.  Laying down the decking

Laying down the decking

7 P.M.  Putting up the the sign

Final Touches

8 P.M.  Clean up

Putting up the sign

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