Mean Santa??


So I was watching the original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer last night with my kids and I realized for the first time, after watching it like a thousand times over my lifetime, that Santa is portrayed as an impatient, hard-nosed ahole in this show.  I was going to piece together clips proving this, but I found on a video on YouTube that does a great job at illustrating what I’m talking about .  This video is your proof.  Keep in mind while watching this that there’s some foul language, but proves what I’m saying here.

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  1. Hey Pete,

    That’s really funny. Y’know, even as a kid I was always a bit suspect of the mysterious hairy fat dude who you never saw except at the mall. Why was he so happy to give so much stuff away? Just another cog in the corporate machinery of consumerism.

    Actually, as I understand it, the incarnation of Santa that we all recognize today derives from a Coke ad in the 30s. Whatsup with that?

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