Bolt = Resurgance For Disney??


Blue Sky had a screening of “Bolt” for the crew on Friday.  I consider myself a fan of Disney and what they do, but their past couple films have left me a feeling a little disappointed.  With this in mind, I went into the screening not knowing what to expect.  After the previews an animation from Mickey’s first appearance in “Steamboat Willie” was playing and the signature of Walt Disney was written across the screen.


This really caught my attention and before the movie even started, I felt like what I was about to see was going to be something special.  The opening sequence with Bolt as a puppy blew me away.  It was some of the best dog animation I’ve seen since “Lady and the Tramp”.  The pigeons were particularly noteworthy because their performance animation was new and refreshing.  Overall, I really loved the film!!  The story was clear and the characters were fun and appealing.  If you haven’t seen it yet…GO!!!  You won’t be disappointed.  Congrats to Disney and all who worked on “Bolt”!!

2 thoughts on “Bolt = Resurgance For Disney??

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  1. Hey Pete!

    Long time no talk. Hope all is well with IA3. Wanted to reply here that saw this with some other AMers over the weekend…in 3D (so go to see the new IA3 trailer in!) and I agree with you, “Bolt” was a real treat and a welcome return to the magic Disney used to turn out. The animation was stellar…and the fact they had to complete the film in 18 months makes it even more of an accomplishment. Fantastic performances by those pigeons AND Rhino.



  2. I agree with your critique Peter. We took the kids to see it and we all really loved it!!

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