Great Week For Stooges Fans!!

Sony Pictures has released the second volume of Three Stooges shorts on DVD. Why do I get excited about this?? Because before the release of these collections, Sony Pictures treated The Three Stooges DVDs like “pull a name from a hat”. 6 random shorts (sometimes with different Stooges) on one disk.  They’ve finally done it right.

The first set covers the first 3 years of the Stooges career (1934 through 1936) chronologically with 19 shorts. The second set covers the next 3 years (1937 through 1939) with 24 shorts. This set has several of my favorite shorts previously unreleased to DVD including my personal favorite; “We Want Our Mummy”. Here’s a clip from it:

These collections are a must for any hardcore stooges fan. Why am I so heavily into the Stooges??  As a kid I used to watch them Dad on every Sunday. I even did a couple stooges skits with my buddies Rob Canty and Adam Koleck in elementary school.

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