Muppet Show Season 3!!

On Tuesday of this week they released the 3rd season of The Muppet Show to DVD. As a kid I watched the show after it was syndicated, so I never saw them in succession. One of the things I noticed after watching the 1st and 2nd season consecutively over the past week or so, is how much the show has improved between the second and third season. Everything about it just kicked up a notch. The character performance was tightened up, the writing seems deeper, and the comedy….funnier. While this is just my opinion, I would like to hear how you feel about it.

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  1. Hey Pete! It’s just me “Don Music” stopping by to check your blog. Funny how much you like the Muppets.

    I have a friend I worked here in the city with for a couple of months and he was telling me that he will be working on the Muppets starting next month or so and they are working on a big project. It’s supposed to be a year long thing so it seems like a big deal. In any case, he told me it was his life long dream to work on the Muppets and he was super excited. They were getting all the originals shipped to them and they were going to be recreating all the characters. Next time I talk to him I will try to get some more info from him so that I can tell you all about it.


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