The slow crawl to $150 million.

It’s painful.  We’re so close to breaking the 150 mark.  I was taught something in my 8th grade science class that I will share with you because it illustrates how I feel.  My teacher at the time (Mr. Babola) stood in front of the classroom door and said “If I walk towards this door and each time I took a step half the distance of my last, I would never reach that door.”  This blew my mind.  I didn’t believe it.  Now, years later, I finally understand this concept.  🙂

One thought on “The slow crawl to $150 million.

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  1. Unless of course he stands a little less than two steps away from the door. Mr. Babola must have never learned about limits :). BTW, $150 million, thats exciting! Nice work.

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