The Return Of The Muppet Mentor!!

  I am proud to announce that I will be returning to Animation Mentor full time next semester.  I have occasionally sub’d and held random weekend Q&A’s for the past year.  I had to take a hiatus from being a full time mentor for obvious reasons (being a new Dad, crazy Horton O.T., ect, ect).  For those of you wondering, I’ll be teaching Class 2 and I’m looking forward to getting back into it.


4 thoughts on “The Return Of The Muppet Mentor!!

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  1. Awesome to know you’ll be back! I’ll be in class 6 next term so no chance of getting ya but I’ll have to spy in on your class. 🙂 Muppet mentor to the rescue eh?

  2. great news Pete, I remember your great ecritique which you gave me in class2 (it was Mark Behm’s class). So, looking forward your body mechanics crits 🙂

  3. Um, that’s great Pete but Bryan and I took a term off and are going to be in class six so we’d like you to teach that class please. Yes, make it happen 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well! Horton was unbelievable, loved it so much!

    (poop girl, yes unfortunately that name has still stuck with me, thanks)

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